EPUB Readers for PC and MAC

When you click on an epub file on the internet, you will be asked to save it on your computer or simply chose to open the file with your favorite eBook reader. This is perfecly normal!

If your browser is Mozilla Firefox, you can install an Add-on called EPUBReader, and you will not see the save dialog box. EPUBReader will download the file and make some processing to display the ePub file ready to read. For more infos and to install EPUBReader Add-on, visit the following link: https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/epubreader/

Please note that reading directly on Firefox is good for pamphlets and short books, but for novels, you should install the ePub reader that best suits your needs.

Many eBook readers are available, but only a few really perform. Lockquell Productions specialists recommend the followings:

Calibre eBook Management Calibre eBook Management (EPUB3)
Description :
Calibre is an eBook library management application that can be used of course for library management, but also for eBook conversion, sync to eBook reader devices and for eBook viewing. Calibre has a built-in eBook viewer that can display all the major eBook formats. This application has full support for Table of Contents (t.o.c.), bookmarks, and CSS. Printing and searching functions are available, but it is not developed to review a document by adding notes and highlights.

Cost: Free

Download: http://calibre-ebook.com/download

AZARDI Desktop (EPUB3) AZARDI Desktop (EPUB3)
Description :
This eBook reader supports EPUB3 format. You can customize your reading preferences to your preference. It’s possible to select the text and to add notes, but you cannot add highlights without writing a note. To view your notes, you have to go the table of content. Printing function is available, but searching is not. Nevertheless, Azardi is still a great reader for your desktop.

Cost: Free

Download: http://azardi.infogridpacific.com/index.html

Adobe Digital 2.0 (EPUB2)Adobe Digital 2.0 (EPUB2)
Description :
Adobe® Digital Editions 2.0. is designed to work with Windows and MAC operating system accessibility features, and also works with assistive software developed for vision impaired users, such as JAWS, NVDA, or Window-Eyes on Windows and Voice Over on Mac. This software supports EPUB2 and PDF formats. It is easy to navigate and has the option to highlight text, add bookmarks and notes. These notes cannot be shared or sent by e-mail as it is possible with Sony’s reader.

Cost: Free


Reader – eBooks from Sony by Sony Electronics Inc (EPUB2)Reader – eBooks from Sony by Sony Electronics Inc (EPUB2)
Description :
This reader reads EPUB2 format only. Intuitive navigation makes using this application as easy as the turn of a page. The font size is adjustable and you can customize your reading preferences. You can create and edit bookmarks, add notes and comments, add highlights and define text as you read. You can save your notes and even share them by e-mail or via a social media. When used on a PC this reader allows you to save your notes in .rtf (rich text) format that can be opened in Microsoft Word. Cloud sync is possible and allows you to access your reading position, bookmarks and highlights across each of all your devices. Unfortunately, the application is good for your PC, your MAC or your iOS device, but is not as efficient when used on Android tablets and smartphones. For these devices, as explained further, other applications are recommended.

Cost: Free

In May 2014 Sony has closed his online books store portal for the Canadian and American market. Since then, the Sony Reader for PC and Mac download link is no longer available on the old link. But you can find it on the Sony’s British site:

Link for Windows computers:
Link for Mac computers:

We highly recommend you install the following application :

DiskAidDiskAid (Install on your PC or MAC if you use an iOS device)
Description :
DiskAid allows you to browse your iPhone / iPad / iPod Apps content directly from your Mac or PC. You can transfer files to and from your iOS device easily. When you connect your device to your computer, DiskAid automatically shows all Apps installed. You can copy and paste folders and even complete file trees.

Cost: Free

Download: http://www.digidna.net/diskaid

Comment :
DiskAid is recommended only if you use an iPhone/ iPad / iPod device. If you’re an Android smartphone or tablet user, you can access the file directly in your device simply by connecting you device to your computer.

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