Lockquell productions  | Graphic Design1. Graphic Design: Corporate Identity and Logo Design

• Corporate Identity (branding), logo design, business cards, letterheads, etc.
• Posters, flyers, magazine ads, etc.

Lockquell productions  | Web Design 2. Web Solutions : Web design and Design for Mobile

• Production and development of websites.
• Websites for mobile.
• Content management.
• Navigation and usability of websites.
• Creation of banners animated in Flash.
• Website hosting and online services.
• Technical support.
• Design and development of mobile applications.

Lockquell productions  | Cinema, Television and Publicity Design3. Cinema, Television and Publicity Design :
    Reproduction of accessories and scene elements

• Print materials (poster, magazine, packaging, stickers, etc.)
• Material for computer animated in Flash (Websites,
    mailbox, social media, etc.)
• Material for mobile simulation.

Lockquell productions  | Web Design4. Mobile Applications: Design and Implementation

• Design and graphic conception of mobile applications.
• Design model displays in compliance with the specifications
    related to the different interfaces.
• Cutting and delivery of images needed to implement .
• Development and implementation of mobile application.
• Working in collaboration with global organizations.