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Lockquell Productions | E-Book Design More and more people get digital books rather than the printed version. Indeed, it is an ecological habit that appeals to many readers. The EPUB can be read from a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. For fans of reading, it is very interesting to have access to an entire library, contained in a tablet the size of a notebook. It is far easier to carry than shelves full of books!

At Lockquell Productions, we design and edit your EPUB in a manner that best suit your needs, in order to facilitate reading. Depending on the type of EPUB and its vocation, the needs related to the presentation vary, and our experts will guide you as to the direction to take. Indeed, as explained below, several factors must be considered throughout the process of making a digital book. From the first step to the final one, it is important to get good advice so that the digital book is being presented optimally and navigating through the pages is as easy and ergonomic as possible for the readers...

There’s many software available for digital books editing, as well as several reading applications, but not all offer the same opportunities. Lockquell Productions has the knowledge required to ensure proper layout accompanied with powerful images; to suggest suitable reading software and applications; and to assist you with the marketing aspects.

• Page Layout
• Publishing
• Graphic Design
• Suggestions on reading software and applications
• Recommendation for marketing development

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When you click on an epub file on the internet, you will be asked to save it on your computer or simply chose to open the file with your favorite eBook reader. This is perfecly normal!

If your browser is Mozilla Firefox, you can install an Add-on called EPUBReader, and you will not see the save dialog box. EPUBReader will download the file and make some processing to display the ePub file ready to read. For more infos and to install EPUBReader Add-on, visit the following link: https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/epubreader/

Please note that reading directly on Firefox is good for pamphlets and short books, but for novels, you should install the ePub reader that best suits your needs.

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