MOBILE APPLICATIONS: Design and Implementation

Lockquell productions  | Web DesignWe combine graphic design and usability in the development of mobile applications.

Let us offer you an ergonomic and efficient design, adapted to different devices and smart phones (iPad, iPhone (IOS), PC, IPTV, Blackberry, Android, etc.).The design, the development and the implementation of a quality mobile application requires a team of passionate and detail-oriented perfectionists such as those at Lockquell Productions inc.

Increasingly, mobile applications represent an essential source of communication. At Lockquell Productions inc, we can guide you through this growing market by adapting your visual corporate identity to the world of mobile devices. We can build solutions designed case by case for your product.

Our team specializes in the step by step process leading to the marketing of your mobile application, and this on most smart phones and tablets on the market. Programmers, developers and designers work together in the development of a product user-friendly result.

We produce model displays according to the ergonomic and graphic specifications, ensure the design and cutting of the images used for implementation, and develop an interface for your application. Our team works meticulously to ensure value for all features inside the application.

• Graphic design of mobile applications.
• Design model displays in compliance with the specifications
    related to the different interfaces
• Cutting and delivery of images needed for implementation.
• Development and implementation of mobile applications.
• Working in collaboration with global organizations.

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