Reproduction of accessories and scene elements

Lockquell productions  | Cinema and Television & Publicity DesignWe have mastered the art of creating false anything...

Lockquell Productions inc. has earned a solid experience in multimedia over 15 years in cinema and movie business. Therefore, team spirit and creative skills are the essence of design within the company. Through the years, we learned that collaboration is essential to meeting deadlines.

Our team will work together with you in achieving your goals.

• Print materials (posters, magazines, packaging’s, stickers, etc.).
• Material for computer and mobile animated in Flash (Websites,
    mailbox, social media, etc.).
• Material for mobile.

Some of Our Clients

Cinema and Television :

• Les Productions TND
• Pixcom inc.
• Max Film inc.
• Videofilms inc.
• Les Productions Point de Mire
• Films Vision 4 inc.
• Incendio productions inc.
• Sphère Médias inc.
• Les Productions La Fête inc.

Publicity :

• Cinélande
• La Fabrique d'Images
• 6 ix degrés
• Jet Film
• Soma
• Société Radio Canada
• TVA Accès - Montréal
• Les Productions La Fête inc.